Brexit or Remain?

Brexit or Remain? Why not support the changes that are taking place by sending distance healing with a crystal grid?

Here’s one I created with Rebecca – you don’t have to create your own grid – you can just send energy to the picture of the crystals below or simply use it as a focus for meditation. If you want to create your own grid please feel free to do so and share a picture in the comments below with us. We have used crystals which will generate unconditional love and hopefully help us all to focus on the best outcome for everyone’s highest good rather than sending it for a specific result as we think this will just create a push pull charge of energy.

In this grid we used:

  • Rose Quartz – unconditional love

  • Fluorite Tetrahedron – focusing on the highest good and releasing

  • Clear Quartz Points– to transmit and direct the grid’s energy

  • Red Jasper points - to ground and anchor

  • Amethyst – to link to spirit for healing and protection

  • Opalite – to call upon angelic support