Crystal Therapy Courses

An energy based system of healing which works on the subtle energy energy system - chakras, meridians etc.  Crystals balance, realign and energise the energy system holistically.


Crystal Facial

Incorporating Crystals into Ayurvedic Facial

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Cost: £175
Location: Dorking - other locations available on request
Accreditations: FHT accredited
Duration:  2 days
Description: Incorporating crystals and gem essences into a ‘natural facelift’ ayurvedic facial.

Crystal Therapist Course

Professional Practitioner Level


Cost: £780
Location: Dorking - other locations available, please enquire below
Accreditations: FHT and Crystal Therapy Council accredited.  Accredited with Crystal Therapy Council and formerly ACHO accredited
Duration: 6 x 2 day attended modules
Description: The most advanced Crystal Therapy course currently available.  Taught over 6 modules with ongoing advice and assessment throughout it covers the following topics:

  • Crystallography and the “basics” of working with crystals

a)  Choosing crystals

b)  Contraindications to Crystal Therapy

c)   Cleansing and care of crystals

d)   Dedicating, energising  and attuning to crystals

e)   How crystals are formed, categorised etc

  • The Subtle Energy System

  1. 7 main chakras, locations, colours and correspondences

  2. Crystal placements

  3. Using crystal wands

  4. Dowsing for health

  • Advanced Crystal Therapy Tools and Techniques

  1. Sacred Geometry

  2. Energy safeguarding including effects of EMF,  leylines, person to person energy interaction,

  3. Advanced crystals - lemurian seed crystals, crystal skulls

  4. Working with meridian system

  • Professional Practice

  1. Working with clients - consultation forms, legislation, etc

  2. Marketing and ways you can use your skills

  3. Combining crystals with other therapies

  4. Reflective practice for professional practitioner

  • Advanced Crystal Connections

  1. Energising water with crystals

  2. The colour and crystal connection

  3. “Reading” the energy changes when giving a crystal therapy treatment

  4. Giving accurate feedback to clients

  • 2 Day Practical Sessions

This module will vary according to what we can make available.  Commonly we take students to exhibitions and community venues for them to practice their skills out of the classroom. This is an exciting and dynamic end to the course and we have always found that this provides students with an opportunity to extend their skills in dealing with the public by providing treatments and advice on crystals and crystal therapy.

Crystal Practitioner Course

Learn the theory of Crystal Therapy


Cost: Registration fee £25.00 plus £35 per module thereafter  - please note individual modules may be purchased but full qualification is not included unless all modules are completed
Location: Distance/Online - please note for full accreditation you must attend a two face to face session where you will be assessed.
Accreditations: FHT Accredited
Duration: Must be completed within 6 months of registration
Description: All of the above modules but the final module will include face-to-face assessment of the individual's abilities to work with crystals confidently and effectively. There is an additional cost of £175 for this session.

Introduction to Crystal Therapy

Suitable for anyone ready to explore how to use crystals effectively


Cost: £95
Location: Dorking and other venues available on request
Accreditations: FHT Recognised - is the first day of our 4 day Intermediate course
Duration: 1 day 10-4
Description: Crystallography and the “basics” of working with crystals:

  • Choosing crystals

  • Contraindications to Crystal Therapy

  • Cleansing and care of crystals

  • Dedicating, energising and attuning to crystals

Intermediate 4 Day Crystal Therapy Course for Practising Therapists

Suitable for any therapists wishing to incorporate crystals into other therapies


Cost: £375
Location: Dorking - other locations available on request
Accreditations: FHT accredited
Duration:  4 days attended or online with 1 day face to face assessment session (if full FHT accreditation is required - please note there is an additional fee of £100 for this day)

  • Connecting with crystal energy

  • Understanding how crystal’s work with other therapies and discerning their energies

  • Techniques that can be used to incorporate crystals into Reiki, Reflexology, Massage, Facials etc

  • Incorporating crystals into therapies but also your working environment and personal/spiritual development

  • Energy management for therapist and client

  • Selecting the correct crystals for your client but also your therapies

  • Contraindications and aftercare advice when using crystals