Colour Courses

Colour Therapy courses explore the ways that you can work with colour therapeutically.


Colour Therapist

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Professional Practitioner Level

Cost: Registration fee £25.00 plus £30 per module thereafter  - please note individual modules may be purchased but full qualification is not included unless all modules are completed
Location: Dorking and other locations available
Accreditations: None
Duration: Students are allowed up to 6 months to complete modules

Module 1: Colour Wheels, History and traditions of colour therapy, colour mixing
Module 2: How we use colour day to day and how our environment is affected by colour
Module 3: The Subtle Energy System - traditional chakras and new Transpersonal Chakra system. Cultural and general colour correspondences
Module 4: Practitioner Skills - reflective listening, assessment and  diagnosis, optimum energy maintenance
Module 5: Colour meditations, connection to the 5 elements and meridian system
Module 6: Working with colour including essences, sound and  sacred geometry
Module 7: New uses of colour in medicine, beauty therapy and psychology
Module 8: Electromagnetic spectrum and its connection to colour therapy, Pros and cons of different light sources. Advanced healing techniques with colour.

Colour Therapy - 1 day Introductory Workshop

Learn the basics of colour therapy


Cost: £95
Location: Dorking - other locations available, please enquire below
Accreditations: N/A
Duration: 1 day; 10:00 to 16:00
Description: Suitable for anyone interested in using colour for personal or spiritual development and a great CPD course for therapists.

  • History of colour

  • Colour correspondences and attributes

  • Sound and colour

  • Healing with colour

  • Colour and its link to chakras

Introduction to Colour Therapy (Online/Distance) 

In depth practical course using colour tools & techniques


Cost: £50
Location: Distance learning
Accreditations: Undergoing FHT accreditation
Duration: 6 months from date of registration
Description: Ideal for therapists wishing to incorporate colour into their practice. Topics covered are:

  • History of colour

  • Colour Correspondences

  • Colour and the subtle energy system

  • The electromagnetic spectrum and its relevance to colour and light sources

  • Colour tools and techniques including meditation, sound, mandalas, crystals